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skos:definition This is an experimental site for managing taxon concepts as Linked Data en
2017-07-26 Top taxonomy for Biota created
2017-07-26 Created taxonids for Mammal Species of the World (Wilson and Reeder 2005)
2017-07-26 Created taxonids for IOC World Bird List, Version 7.2
2017-07-26 Created taxonids for Euro+Med PlantBase, June 2017 version
2018-03-23 Created taxonids for Nordic-Baltic Checklist of Lepidoptera (Aarvik et al. 2017)
2018-03-23 Created taxonid for class Insecta
2018-11-05 Created taxonids for Euro+Med PlantBase, January 2018 version
2018-11-15 Created taxonid for Corvus corone in master checklist
2022-05-27 Created taxonids for Nordic fungal species